We sat at the bar on Friday, October 5 and ordered margarita's because there was a sign in the entryway that said they were $5. We asked the bartender, Axel, if this was correct and he said they yes but then came back afterwards and said they were actually $5.99 to which we said was just fine. When we got our bill he said he made a mistake and they were actually $8.99 each and he refused to give us the $5.99 price that he told us. At the end of our lunch, instead of having $18 in margarita's we had $30. I manage a restaurant and when the restaurant makes a mistake, you correct it. You don't tell the customer "sorry it was my fault but I can't give you the price I told you about". I will not go back there ever! This is the worst customer service EVER!
Wow, great aqain
Wow great food! Drinks were excellent! Friendly service!
Service was amazing! Food was to die for! And the ambience and decor was one-of-a-kind. What a great addition to the Blaine area -an absolute gem!
Great customer service, fast service and delicious food! Will be back for sure.
The food was fabulous and the service was excellent. The best Mexican food I have ever had in Minnesota.
The menu is mucho grande, like 5-6 pages, the food was fantastic and, waiter/waitresses were very good, drinks were large, but you can get a small size. Bathroom was clean, and atmosphere was perfect. Booths and tables available.
Huge portions, great service and very good prices! Food was absolutely amazing!